Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gordon Ramsay's Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Gordon Ramsay's revealed way to execute a perfectly creamy and fluffy batch of scrambled eggs.

Gordon Ramsay's revealed way to execute a perfectly creamy and fluffy batch of scrambled eggs.

Our Dad's answer to make anything delicious is a considerate amount of cheese, and then triple that amount. If it were up to my Dad, any egg recipe would be 1 part egg and 10 parts cheese. Now don't get me wrong, this method is not flawed when it comes to taste and it results in some serious good eggs. HOWEVER, there is a much healthier way to concoct a great batch of scrambled eggs.

Gordon Ramsay's "Master Chef" is an on and off favorite of my wife and I's. Sometimes we won't watch it for a year or two, but then we watch one episode and end up binging the rest of that season. In a recent season, one of his challenges was to match his perfectly executed scrambled eggs. He showed the entire world his technique and I couldn't wait to try it. Scrambled eggs are one of my favorite breakfast foods.

Gordon Ramsay's revealed way to execute a perfectly creamy and fluffy batch of scrambled eggs.

It took me a few times to really figure out how to make them correctly with my stove top, but what I can tell you from experimenting is that timing and temperature are everything for these eggs! The process is a bit tedious, but it still takes about the same amount of time to make as "lazy" scrambled eggs.

As I really figured out how to work his recipe and technique, I discovered there is no way I could go back to "lazy" scrambled eggs. Ramsay's eggs are just too good! Enjoy the process of figuring these out!


Yield: 3 eggs

Gordon Ramsay's Perfect Scrambled Eggs

prep time: 1 MINScook time: 8 MINStotal time: 9 mins


  • 3 eggs
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • pinch of pepper
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 Tbsp creme fraiche (or sour cream, greek yogurt)


  1. Turn stovetop on to medium/high heat
  2. Crack open 3 eggs into cold pan and add butter
  3. Place cold pan over heat and continuously stir. Once eggs slightly solidify, remove from heat for 30 seconds continuously stirring
  4. Return to heat for 30 seconds continuously stirring, remove from heat for 30 seconds (still stirring), and repeat process until eggs have mostly solidified
  5. Remove from heat for the last time and add creme friache, combine, and finish by seasoning with salt and pepper
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  1. You are so right. Gorden's eggs are the best. I was also watching Master Chef. I don't eat my scrambled eggs any other way.

  2. No way this method we have used in Pakistan 🇵🇰 in my village for decades, we put pure clarified butter in light heat 🔥 on stove and add good 2/3 teaspoons off home made yogurt mixing continuously until mixture seems smooth and with out any lumps. Remove pan for few seconds while you crack open 3/4 eggs adding black pepper and salt, organic milk giving it a good whisk. While putting pan back on full heat when yogurt and pure organic butter has come to a slight boil add egg mixture countinsley stirring until cooked till desired taste. Place on a resting place draining plate off fluids left a few times before serving on a final plate. My phone number for any advice:07968292855

  3. Sorry missed out step by not adding that you mix yogurt with pure organic butter

  4. This has been the only way I've done eggs ever since I saw that episode. It makes for a great spread, and it's even better with avocado toast!