About Us

Hey! Welcome to Keat's Eats.

There are six kids in our family. Six different personalities, different interests, different passions and talents. We've got smart ones and funny ones and artistic ones. Some that play the piano, ride horses, make videos, and sing songs. We've got athletes and actors and cowboys. Between the six of us, we've pretty much got it all.

And even though no two are exactly the same, there are two of us who like food. A lot. Which is how this little blog came to be.

So which ones are we?

Well, this one is Keaton (with his sweet little family).

You guessed it-- we used his name to create the title of our blog, Keat's Eats. He didn't love the idea of having his name all alone up there, but the rhyming was so perfect that we just had to do it!

Keaton is a football player, college student, husband, father, and sibling #3 in our family. His wife is Italian and loves food almost as much as we do, which makes them a real power couple in the kitchen. Expect lots of cheese and sauce from Keaton's recipes!

And here's Ashton. She's the oldest of the siblings.

She's a mom, wife, dessert bloggercookbook author, and photographer. Ashton's done the food blog thing for over 6 years and is pretty excited to team up with her brother on Keat's Eats. Her focus is primarily sweets, breads, and breakfast recipes on Something Swanky. But she's looking forward to breaking out of the box and posting some of her family's favorite savory recipes here.

We're so glad to have you visit our little corner of the internet and hope to see you around often! If you see a recipe you like, be sure to pin it or share it to your Facebook page to save it. And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest so that you don't miss a single recipe!

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